Useful Sites For Code Learning And Training

Resources for learn programming or coding is very much nowadays. Where should I start coding? How to proceed? These questions are each beginner's questions. The abundance of resources on the Internet sometimes makes it difficult to choose and progress coding. So in this article we made a list of the sources that we think there will be useful for beginners and professionals. We classified the sources for children, young people and young adults. But if an adult is just starting out, he can take advantage of the resources we call for children. As the result most important at the programming is increase  ability to develop the algorithm and these resources will be useful for developing this ability.

1) (For kids and teenagers) is an environment that created and developed by volunteers for teaching algorithms and basic coding skills especially for children and young people., which has many users around the world, is able to do coding activities either as individual account or as a community (groups defined by the instructor). Code-based block coding can usually be performed on It will be useful to start activities for beginners. is a completely free environment.

2) Toxicode (For kids and teenagers)

A site that contains fun games about coding and algorithm building. In this site:

Compute it: A game that combines instruction and coding and becomes more and more difficult

Silent teacher: A game that teaches coding and algorithm with question answer method,

Little dot adventure: It is a game that offers different algorithms to reach a goal.

3) Lightbot (For kids and teenagers)

Lightbot is actually a flash environment that designed to increase basic coding concepts and skills. The skills related to concepts such as procedures, loops, code flow are aimed to be provided by lightbot especially to young students and to provide ground for coding education 

4) Run Marco

Run Marco is a site that provides basic level of coding logic, especially for children, like You start the coding adventure by choosing one of the two cute characters. Visually quite successful. The basic structures (loops, condition structures, class logic, etc.) related to programming provide an understanding of highly successful activities that children can understand. You can access the Run Marco events from the link below.

5) Blockly Games  (For kids and teenagers)

Basic programming concepts such as loops, condition structures, mathematical operations, functions,  on various activities, and in the last part of the block coding to the textual encoding is an environment that provides opportunities for transition. Blocky games offers a nice coding environment especially for children.

6) Codecombat  (For kids, teenagers and young adults)

Codecombat is a game-based coding training environment, offers a game and task-based coding training environment with JavaScript and Python programming language options.

7) Scratch (For kids, teenagers and young adults)

Scratch is a block-based coding environment. Scratch is a project of MIT University.  You can create your own games, programs on Scratch. Of course Scratch is restricted. It is not sufficient in terms of project development in the advanced dimension. But we can Scratch is most useful tool for block-based coding at the internet.

8) W3schools (For teenagers and young adults)

W3schools is a completely free source site, html, css, javascript, Php, Asp, Python, Xml, such as web-based programming and scripting languages ​​contain basic resources and usage examples. It is a very useful resource especially for those interested in the programming aspect of web design.

9) Sololearn (For teenagers and young adults)

Sololearn contains  basics of programming and scripting with simple steps for programming languages such as C++, Python3, Java, Javascript, C #, Php, Ruby, HTML, CSS and any others. This site is a good resource for the learners. Simple steps and experince points. That is great.

10) Freecodecamp (For teenagers and young adults)

Freecodecamp is a site that offers  documentation and examples about many programming and scripting languages. This site ​​is a useful resource for both beginners and professionals.

11) Tutorialspoint (For teenagers and young adults)

Tutorialsponit is a reference site for programming and scripting languages. Tutorialspoint also offers an application environment with online editors. In addition, there are many code examples and programming article at this site. Tutorialspoint is a beautiful educational environment that contains many more features to be discovered.

12) - A simple browser-based programming language and environment inspired by BASIC to learn programming.
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