Step by step Libre Calc

Spreadsheet programs are programs that are used frequently in office life or in daily life, facilitating our calculation and tabulation process.

The main spreadsheet programs can be listed as LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets. LibreOffice is a suite of free and powerful office programs that can be installed on computers. Therefore, we will also explain our activities through Libre Calc.

With these activities, you will be able to comprehend the basic operations you can do in spreadsheet programs and be a user of a basic spreadsheet program.

It is recommended that you do the activities in order. You can download and install LibreOffice from the link below before performing the activities.

1. Making School ID Card

With this activity,

  • Merging celss in spreadsheet,
  • Coloring cells,
  • Adding picture,
  • Switching to new line in a cell,

will be learned. You can also design a school ID as follows:

LibreOffice Calc School ID card

Helpful informations:

  • To merge cells, select cells and press  button. Or select cells and right click>merge cells option.
  • To color cells press  button.
  • To switch new line in cell press Ctrl+Enter together. For Excel  this shortcut is Alt+ Enter.
  • To add image path is  Add>Image.


With this activity,

  • Putting lines in spreadsheet,
  • Filling the days and numbers consecutively into cells with auto-fill
  • Using textbox,

will be learned. You can also design a syllabus as follows:

LibreOffice Calc syllabus

Helpful informations:

  • To create a line inside the cell, select the cell, right click> format cells> borders.
  • To add the "hours" text , follow Insert> Textbox.
  • To write the days consecutively, write the upper cell on Monday and pull it down from the lower right corner. Do the same for numbers and pull to the right.

3.School Sketch

With this activity,

  • Creating borders as desired in the spreadsheet,
  • Simple plan, creating sketch-like drawings in spreadsheet

Will be learned. Design a building sketch as follows.

LibreOffice Calc sketch

Helpful information:

  • First draw the lines of the outline.
  • You can add borders to the desired region by selecting the cells and clicking  buttons right or use right click>format cells>borders menu


With this activity,

  • Adjusting row and column dimensions in the spreadsheet,
  • Filling the numbers from the specified number with the auto-fill feature,
  • Adding comments to cells,

will be learned. Design a calendar as follows.

LibreOffice Calc calendar

Helpful informations:

  • To give the desired dimensions to the rows and columns, you can select the rows and columns from the left and top and the right click> row height or right click> column width to give the values you want.
  • Looking at the calendar of the computer, which day starts from the day according to him start the day. And fill in the calendar numbers with the auto-fill feature. For example, if you type 7 in the upper cell and hold the lower right point, the remaining days will be filled automatically.
  • You can add notes to the respective cells by right clicking on specific days such Chrismas,with right click> Add comments.
  • You can enrich your calendar visually by adding pictures or color fills to your calendar.

5. Four Process Calculator

With this activity,

  • Writing formula to cells,
  • Four basic process in spreadsheet,

will be learned. Design a calculator as follows,

LibreOffice Calc calculator.

Helpful informations:

  • Click on the cells to be processed and put them cell names. For example, type = D3 + D6 for addition. The subtraction, multiplication and division signs are -, *, /, respectively.

6.Score Table

With this activity,

  • Writing the average formula,
  • Conditional formatting

will be learned. Design a score table as follows,

LibreOffice Calc score table

Yardımcı bilgiler:

  • Click on the average cells to get the average and type the formula in the above example =average(f6: h6). In here means the cell range from cell F6 to H6 cell. On the average, type in the form of formula = average (e6; ı6). Here ; cell e6 and cell i6.
  • Select the average cells to perform conditional formatting. Then press the   button in the menu above. And specify the conditions. If the grade point averages are 45 and above, you can set the green fill. For the smaller 45 is the red fill.

7. Store Spreadsheet

With this activity,

  • Setting the cell format as currency unit,
  • Take a percentage,
  • Finding the largest and the smallest values,
  • Using the date formula  

will be learned. Design a store spreadsheet as follows,

LibreOffice Calc store spreadsheet

Helpful niformations:

  • To set the cell unit as the currency, select the cells> right click> format cell> numbers> currency
  • For a 50 percent raise price, type = D5 + D5 * 50% and copy it to the lower cells.
  • For a 20% discount, type = D5-D5 * 50% and copy it to the lower cells.
  • For the general total, type =SUM(G5:G1048576).
  • For the lowest price, type =MIN(D5:D1048576).
  • For the highest price, type =MAX(D5: D1048576).
  • For the average selling price, type =AVERAGE(D5:D1048576).
  • Type the formula =TODAY() for the date of the day.

8. Expenses Table

With this activity,

  • will strenghten previous learnigs,
  • Creating, line, column, pie charts

will be learned. Design a expenses table

as follows,

LibreOffice Calc expenses table

Helpful informations:

  • When generating the electricity bill line by month, select the Months and Electricity columns as the end of December and follow Insert> Chart. Create the chart by making the necessary settings.
  • Select the January, February and Expense columns as you create the column chart of the February spending and follow Insert> Chart. Use the settings to remove the january from the selection.

  • When creating a pie chart based on the type of total spending, select the Monthly column and spend columns along with the total row below (do not select the monthly total sum column) and select Insert> Chart. Create the chart by making the necessary settings.