Scratch Startup Activities for Kids

Coding for the first time in Scratch environment can sometimes be complicated for children. But if you start coding blocks with Scratch through some basic activities, both children will gain confidence and they can develop applications in Scratch. Here we will show about some activities children can do in Scratch who came from task-based environments such as, blockly or run.marco. These Scratch activities are aimed at doing impressive things with simple codes. There is no specific ranking for the activities below. So they are independent activities from each other. You can start from whatever you want. You can also develop these activities and can also upgrade and change. This is the way :)

Color changing balls when clicked

color changing balls coding

The aim of this activity is to properly arrange 6 balls on the screen with code blocks and to make balls get different colors with clicking.

Recommended way:

  • First, find top left ball from the gallery and add it. Make sure the ball contains more than one costume.
  • After adding the ball, add the code block that gives the coordinate value and  code blocks that makes it change color when clicked.
  • After coding the first ball, make a copy and change only the coordinate values.

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Exploding bubbles

exploding bubbles coding on scratch

The aims of this activitiy are random placing bubles when flag clicked and creating exploding animation with block coding.

Recommended way:

  • First, create two images for a bubble for exploding like below.

  • Code bubble sprite after costumes are created. When green flag clicked, buble will appear in a different place with first costume, when clicked on it will change to explosion view, while the explosion sound will sound and will be hidden after a short time.
  • After coding the bubble completely, make copies as you want.

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Mini orchestra

In this activity, it is aimed to give a playing effect with same coding to different musical instruments. The playing effect involves visual change and instrument sound. All of the instruments seen at this event and more are available in Scratch's own gallery. Moreover, sounds, along with images, are in sprites. So creating this activity is quite easy.

Recommended way:

  • First, include sprites from gallery.
  • Then complete the coding of a musical instrument. Code of instrument sprite must contains switching first costume when flag is clicked, switchin other costume and turning first costume and giving sound when sprite is clicked.
  • Once you have fully encoded a musical instrument, drag and drop the codes to other instruments. Then make small changes to the sounds and disguises specific to those instruments.

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Dancing Ballerina

dancing ballerina coding

In this activitiy we will check out the ballerina character in Scratch gallery. bBallerina will have two movements. First movement is  dancing movement, second movement is changimg position according to direction keys.

Recommended way: 

  • First add ballerina character from the gallery.
  • When green flag is clicked, character will be positioned inmiddle of screen and switch to first costume. Code this first.
  • When spacebar is pressed, character will disguise 4 times and return to first costume at the end of loop. Create code blocks to do this.
  • Regardless of whether the character is dancing, it will move in desired direction when direction keys are pressed. Generate codes to do this.

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