Sensors Guide

KY-008:    Laser Transmitter Module

This module gives single laser beam. And not sense any laser beams. If you want sense  any laser beam you must use this module with any laser detector sensor.

KY-025:   Reed Switch Module

We can say this module "magnetic switch module". You can use this sensor if you want to turn on or off an electronic circuit via magnet. 


KY-027:   Light Cup module

This module is a mercury module and allows different values ​​to be sent according to position change line.

Can be used for movement and position studies etc.

KY-032: IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

This sensor with infrared receiver and transmitter detects the distance to objects by means of infrared signals. The signal will be HIGH when the threshold  is closer than the threshold level which set by the potentiometers. You must make potentiometer settings to work as you want. If you want to use Enable pin you must remove jumper.

Features of KY-032

Detection distance: 2- 40 cm

Effective angle: 35 °

KY-034:    7 Color Flash Module

This is a a module with no other ratios to show various colors.

Colors are Pink, yellow, green (highlight), etc.


S: Signal. You can connect this pin to digital pins

Vcc: With this pin you can feed module.

But this pin has a 330 Ohm resistance so lights low.

-: This is ground

KY-038:   Microphone small sound sensor module

This module sends a digital or analog value according to the sound of environment. This module is useful for sound based projects alarm, sound controled lights, fans etc.

Led1: Indicates whether sensors electricity is available
Led2: Indicates whether sensor detects sound or not(can be set with own potentiometer)


A0: Analog signal according to environmental sound as voltage


Vcc: Input range is: 4V to 6V

D0: Sends digital signal according to specified limit value