Making Money with Coding Games

Almost every person who started programming dreams of making money by building games. In fact, this dream can come true. But it's not so easy. First of all, making a computer game is a team job. There are many components such as scenario creation, space and character designs, sounds, programming environment etc. But of course, there are those who earn money from the games by doing all these works without any team. At this stage, we need to talk about indie game concept. Indie games are created by independent individuals or groups. And indie game is an industry on its own. If you really work hard and become a manufacturer in ndie game industry, you can earn good moneys.

Whether you have a team or not, there are many environments where you can share games and earn money. Some of these environments are huge game broadcast networks, and some of them are game networks that combine game manufacturers and publishers. And some of them are goog for individual game programmers. In this article, we will talk about these environments and what they want from you.


Steam, a popular game sales platform, allows independent game makers to sell their games. To do this, you sign up for a system called Greenlight on Steam for a fee. After you make your game correctly and finish it, you upload it to the system. If you get a certain amount of approval from Steam users, your game will start publishin and making money. The important thing here is that when you first install the game, it is remarkable enough and completed. It makes no sense to install a game under construction. Since Steam is a huge and popular game network, you need to be a professional to win it here.

Epic Games

One of Steam's biggest alternatives, Epic Games, a game sales platform, allows you to earn 88% of your game revenues by publishing your games. Moreover, it provides various supports in this way. Epic Games's motto: "You make great games, and we'll keep it." Of course, Epic Games gives more opportunities to more professional developers like Steam. You can earn money by publishing games developed with the Unreal Engine, a free game development engine, on the Epic Games platform.

Google Play

One of your main alternatives to make money from your mobile games is Google Play. In order for your games to be published and sold on Android platform, you first need to get a Google Develeoper account. You can get a Google Developer account by making a one-time payment of $ 25 and make your own games and programs available to sell. In order to be successful in Google Play it is important that you games containsgood  visual and game dynamics, scenario, mechanics. You really need to work hard to attract attention for success in an increasing number of developers.

Apple Store

In order to publish the games you have developed for the iOS platform, you need an Apple Developer account. For the Apple Developer account, you need to pay an annual fee of $ 99 for year. In other words, Apple gives opportunity to premium programmers and software companies who take their business seriously. Apple Store is a platform where you can earn good money if you develop yourself sufficiently and especially institutionalize the game coding business.


We can say that Famobi, which is one of the environments where you can make money from the HTML5 games you make, is an environment that brings game developers and publishers together. Famobi promises you will get the best profit from the HTML5 games you produce through the distribution network. Moreover, it also supports technical areas such as testing and optimization for your game. If you want to publish yoru geme in game market, networks like Famobi are more suitable for you. In fact, by working with Famobi, you become a business partner of Famobi. Because Famobi is a platform based on the revenue partnership principle. Famobi markets  your game to paid or free play sites or networks on your behalf. These sites where your game is published also make money through various advertise networks like Google.

This site is a platform that unites game manufacturers and distributors like Famobi. Cross platform, that is, allows you to market your games that can run on different operating systems and devices based on revenue partnership. The other side of this platform is looking at game publishers. In other words, if you want to earn advertising income by uploading a site and a game where I will not make games, you can benefit from networks like Famobi, Gamedustribition, Spilgames etc. You can reach the section of this site for game developers from the link below:


At the Netherlands-based company Spilgames is a gaming network that combines publishers and developers like Famobi and Gamedistrubition. By integrating the games you develop for environments such as HTML5, Flash, and Unitiy into the Spilgames system, you can market them in a revenue partnership. Of course, first of all, your game must contain various conditions for acceptance and be included in the game portfolio they have determined. These conditions are clearly visible on Spilgames website.

It is a platform especially for indie game producers. You can publish your games on site and share them for free or for a fee. In, you can sell games you produce in environments such as javascript, java applet and Unity. You can publish the products you create for almost any platform such as Windows, IOS, Linux, Android on this site or you can publish for free with the option of receiving donations. If you want to sell game objects (asset), game music, game mode, comics (comic), also allows this. In short, produce something nice about  games, gives you a good opportunity to turn your production into cost.

Armorgames, a California-based flash game site, allows game developers to earn money by publishing their games. You can publish your javascript or flash based games in Armorgames. What you need to do for this is clearly stated in the section of the site below:

A site where you can cash your quality flash games. Although Flash game development is out of date, flash based games are still being played from the web environment. If you are a flash game developer, is for you.


Apart from the examples we give here, there are many environments where you can publish your games and earn money. The important thing is to choose one that suits you and create nice works.