Game Coding and Development Platforms

Game programming is the most interesting area of ​​programming. It is important to choose the appropriate programming language and tool for game programming. You can find many paid and free programs on the internet for game development. In this article we will try to mention both the visually good free versions and some of the game programming tools that are free under certain circumstances, highlighting their key features. If you are looking for more professional and unrestricted environments instead of Scratch, you can look at the environments we recommend below and make your choice.

1. G-Develop (Free, no needs programming language)

It is a free environment where you can develop HTML5 based games without having to know any programming language. The online version allows you to develop applications through a web browser. Moreover, it is possible to make the games you develop with G-Develop suitable in mobile environments. Although you don't need to know the programming language, it can be said that developing games with G-Develop may be a bit complicated at first. Because a programming language does not have a neat community and integrity. But once you're used to it, you can do good things.

2. Construct  (Partailly free, no needs programming language)

Construct is a program where you can create your own games and create 2D games without your knowledge of the programming language. It has a more compact structure than G-Develop. The latest version of Construct 3 has been released. Although individual use is free, it encourages and imposes restrictions on the purchase of a paid version.

3. Stencyl (Partailly free, 2D, block-based AS3 coding)

Stencyl, a block-based game development tool, allows you to develop HTML5-based games for mobile as well as desktop environments. With Stencyl, it offers free game development for desktop browser environments, and charges fees for converting your games into mobile applications or turning them into standalone desktop programs.

4. Corona (Free, popular, 2D, mobile improved)

Corona is a free platform where you can create beautiful games especially for mobile platforms. Corona has a large developer community, documentation is strong. So you have more opportunities to find resources. Corona also has a nice developer market.

5. Cocos2D-x (Free, 2D platform games)

With Cocos2D-x, a free platform to develop 2D games, you can develop beautiful, high-performance, space-saving games. To develop games with Cocos2D-x, you need to know C ++, Lua or Javascript languages. 

6. Godot (Free, popular, 2D-3D, flexible GDScript)

Godot is an environment where you can develop 2D or 3D games with its own Python-like script language called GDScript or C # language. Although free of charge, powerful features and documentation, Godot has a wide range of developers. 

7. Unity (Partially free, popular, professional, 2D-3D)

Unity is one of the most popular 2D and 3D game development tool that you can develop games that fit almost any platform. Moreover, you can use it free of charge unless your income exceeds a certain level. It is quite popular, so you don't have to worry about auxiliary resources. You can also buy the necessary game components from Unity's market. You can use the free version of Unity if your income from games is less than $ 100,000 a year. If you develop a game, start institutionalizing, and earn substantial amounts of revenue, Unity charges you. To develop games with Unity, you need to know one of the languages ​​like C ++, C #, Javascript.

8. Unreal Engine (Partially free, popular, professional, 3D)

Unreal Engine  is a professional and free interface software for creating professional 3D games with C++. Unreal Engine is mostly for professional team developers and requires high system requirements. Popular games like Fortnite and PUBG are made with Unreal Engine.

9. Amazon Lumberyard (Free, professional, 3D)

Lumberyard is a free platform offered by one of the world's largest company Amazon for game developers. You can use this platform as a team to develop highly advanced professional 3D games. Like Unreal Engine, this platform is designed for corporate purposes. Well, if you say what Amazon has to offer, it offers paid rental web services and cloud services, especially for advanced online game developers. This platform is also integrated with Twitch. So it allows you to produce the game and create the mass of the game with Twitch.